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The factors of 49 are: 1 7 49

The prime factors are: 7 x 7

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Q: What are the fators ad prime factors of 49?
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Is 1519 ad prime or composite?

9 is composite because it has 6 factors: 1, 7, 31, 49, 217, and 1519.

What are the common fators of 5a abd 35a?

5a ad 7a

What does AD49 means?

"AD" is short for "Anno Domini", meaning 'in the year of our Lord'. So AD 49 means the year 49.

Where was the book of Galatians written?

49 AD is what was interpreted. But the estimate is 48 AD - 55 AD

Write the fact family for 7 and 49?

what is fact family for 7 ad 49

When was paul's second missionary journey?

About AD 49-52

When was St Paul's second missionary journey?

49 AD

Britain was part of which empire until 410 AD?

Britain was part of the Roman Empire from about the year 49 AD until about 410 AD. The Romans called it Britannia.

What is the three rule for prime and composite?

If the integers of the number ad up to a number divisible by 3, the whole number is divisible by 3. A prime number has only 2 factors which are 1 and itself. Composite numbers are everything else except 1 and 0. 1 and 0 are neither prime, nor composite.

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How do you compute the difference between the year BC to AD?

Add the two year values together and subtract 1, to allow for the fact that there was no year zero. So from 1 BC to 1 AD is 1 year. 1 + 1 - 1 = 1. From 10 BC to 40 AD is 49. 10 + 40 - 1 = 49.

What are the common factors of 15 ad 18?

The common factors are: 1, 3

What song is used in the new castle lager ad?

Prime Circle wrote the song for the latest Castle Lager TV Ad.

What is the lcf of 42 ad 49?

The least common factor of any set of integers is 1.

How many years between 63 bc and 14 ad?

49 bc

What are the highest common factors of 15 ad 18?

Common factors of 15 and 18 are: 1 and 3.

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If an event happened in AD 49 When would this event happened In forty ninth century in the first century 49 years ago or before christ was born?

It would occur in the 49th century, as we are currently in the 2000th century. I am truly hoping that the first answer was a joke, but you never know. We are currently in the 20th Century, so the 49th Century has not happened yet. AD 49 is forty-nine years after Christ was born, in the 1st Century AD, from the Latin anno domini (In the Year of Our Lord). 49 BC is forty-nine years Before Christ. The AD and BC are used whenever confusion may result. Sometimes BC is substituted by BCE (Before the Common Era).

What is the first decade with only 4 prime numbers?

1-10 AD had the years 2, 3, 5, and 7, which were prime numbers.

Is 2006 a prime or composite number?

The number 2006 is not a prime number as it is even ad therefore can divide by 2 as well as it self and 1

Explain one method of finding the greatest common factor of 48 and 84?

one method is simply writing out all the factors of both 48 and 84: 48's factors: 1,48,2,24,4,12,16,3,8,6 84's factors:1,84,2,42,3,28,4,21,6,14,7,12 therefore by comparison greatest factor is 12. The only other way i know is by reducing to prime factor form: 48 is 2^4 x 3 and 84 is 2^2x3x7 You can then see the highest common factor will be by using 2^2 x 3 which is common in the prime factors of 48 ad 84 (2^2 x 3 = 12)

Who was the Prime Minister of England in 43 AD?

No one. England had not formed as a country yet.

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There are a few factors that influences power ad territory in the country. The main factors are military, capital and the level of industrialization.

What are the common factors of 135 ad 210?

1, 3, 5 and 15