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1 and 36

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Q: What are the first two numbers which are both triangular an square?
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What is the first 2 numbers that are both triangular and square?

if you don't count 0 or 1, I believe it's 36 and 1225.

Is 1 a squared and triangular number?

Yes. 1 is both square and triangular.

What numbers are both square numbers and triangular numbers?

There are an infinite number of triangular numbers that are also squares. You can generate such numbers using the formula: Sn+1 = 4Sn(8Sn + 1) With the first Sn being 1. This gives the next such number as: Sn+1= 4 (8 + 1) = 36 You can then plug that into the equation to get: Sn+1 = 4 x 36 (8 x 36 + 1) = 41616 and so on.

How are triangular pyramid and a square pyramid alike?

they are both types of pyramidsThey're both triangular pyramids, and all of them have a base, multiple faces, and at one end the faces come to a point.* * * * *They are NOT both triangular pyramids!

Does a square pyramid and a triangular prism both have 5 faces?


What number is both a square and triangular number?

1 and 36

What number between 100 and 10000 that is both triangular and square?


Are all triangular numbers odd?

7 of the first 15 triangular numbers (462/3 percent) are even.1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, 45, 55, 66, 78, 91, 105, 120 ...From this fragment of the series, it sure begins to look as if every second pairof triangular numbers are both even, and that 50% of all of them are.

What three-dimensional figure has faces in both of square and triangular?

There are many possible answers but the most likely one, for your level, is a triangular prism.

How is the triangular prism and the square pyramid alike?

both have lateral face shapes that are riangles

How many more vertices does a square have than a triangular pyramid?

Both have 4 vertices, though he vertices of a square are 2 dimensional vertices while those of a triangular pyramid are 3-d.

What two triangle numbers make thirty eight?

28 and 10 are both triangular numbers and add up to 38