What are the five equilaterals?

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A rhombus, square , paralellogram ,rectangle, and trapezoid

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Q: What are the five equilaterals?
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Do all equilaterals tessellate?

Yes all equilaterals can tessalate.This is because all the sides are equal and all the shapes can fit in properly.

What are triangles that have three congruent sides?


What is special about an equilaterals sides?

All sides are equal in lengths

What is a shape with equal sides called?

rectangle, square, equilaterals, rhombus, kite, trapezium

What is equilaterals?

those are^ they are parallel, wich is the same thing That is simply not true. Equilateral refers to shapes whose sides are all the same length.

What if your given a side length of 7 centimeter es how many equilaterals triangles can you construct?

There can be two equilateral triangles with a side length of 7 cm: one on either side of the given line.

How are squares and rectangles different from each other?

Squares are equilaterals (same length on every side) Rectangles could be called parallelograms but the parallel lines are the same. It's hard to explain but I could show you. _______________ | | |______________| equal on parallel sides.

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