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One square and four triangles.

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Q: What are the five faces that make up a square pyramid?
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How many faces square pyramid have?

Five. Four triangles and one square make up a square pyramid.

How do you make a square pyramid?

Your base is a square and the other faces are triangles.

How many faces and edges and vertices does a square pyramid have?

First, picture it in your mind. A square has four sides, the pyramid is made up of triangles. Four triangles make the upward faces of a square pyramid, but one other is on the bottom, the square, so a square pyramid has five faces. Vertices are almost as easy, count them from top down, one at the pinnacle, one at each corner of the pyramid, total 5. Finally edges, there are four triangles, so four edges, but each triangle is also joined to the square, so four more edges. Four and four make eight. So, five faces, five vertices, and eight edges.

How many faces does a five sided pyramid have?

well...if its five sided, wouldn't it make sense to have five faces plus the base, with a total of 6?!

How many faces triangular pyramid?

There are five faces in a triangular pyramid. Gosh person, use your math book! Sorry you are wrong. It depends on the base if it is a square it has 5 surfaces if the base is a triangle it has 4 surfaces. So you must examine your pyramid carefully so as not to make a simple mistake.

How many more faces does a cube have than a triangular pyramid?

A cube has 6 faces and a triangular pyramid has 5 faces. So a cube has 1 more face than a triangular prism. But a triangular pyramid has four faces. You make the call. That is correct: A triangular prism has five faces, and a cube has six faces, but a triangular pyramid has four faces.

What are faces of a triangular pyramid?

The faces are the flat, triangle-shaped surfaces that make up the surface of the pyramid. A pyramid has four faces.

How many pentagon and triangle faces make up a pentagonal pyramid?

Five tri and 2I rec

Does a square based pyramid have a perpendicular?

Yes. They have perpendicular bisectors in the four triangles that make up four of the five sides of a square-based pyramid

What shape has 1 square face and 3 triangular ones?

One side of a square would be untouched with only 3 triangle faces attached to it. To make an entire closed shape, it would need another part or some 3 dimensional bending would need to take place. A pyramid has 1 square face and 4 triangle faces. A pyramid could also have 4 triangle faces where one triangle substitutes the square face.

What two shapes make a square pyramid?

A square and and a triangle

What solid figure can you make with a square and 4 congruent triangles?

You can make square pyramid.

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