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Ruler, Yard Stick, Tape measure, Calipers.

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Q: What are the four most commonly used length measuring instruments?
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What four woodwind instruments are commonly employed in the modern orchestra?

flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon

What are four tools used for measuring length precisely?

Rulers, Tape Measures, Calipers, and Opisometers.

What is Unit of length for measuring height of horses?

hands, or half hands. this is approximately 4 to 6 inches.Horses are measured in hands. One hand is equal to four inches. For example, a horse may be 15.2 hh (hands) tall. There is no 15.5, it goes from 15.3 to 16.0, ect.

What are four measuring tools used in a workshop?

What are four measuring tools used in the workshop

What is a rectangle in math?

A rectangle is a four-sided polygon. It has 4 right angles, and sides opposite each other are the same length. (all four sides can be the same length, in which case it is more commonly known as a square, but it is still a rectangle.

What is the name of a four sided shape with both pairs of adjacent sides equal in length?

Parallelogram is a quadrilateral with opposite sides both parallel and equal in length - commonly known as a rectangle.

What are the four major brass instruments?

Trumpet, Trombone, tuba and french horn are the four major brass instruments

What are four string family instruments?

The four stringed instruments in an orchestra: the violin, the viola, the cello, and the double bass.

How long is its hand?

In the case of measuring horses it is equal to four inches.

Can you make a cubiod with eight edges measuring 5cm and four edges measuring 7cm?


How tall is an Oreo?

There are no dimensions in a oreo cookie because it is round. You can find dimensions in squares, By measuring length times width for its Area, And measuring all four sides and adding them up equals perimeter.

What has four sides of equal length?

A Square has four equal length sides