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Addition +

Subtraction -

Multiplication *

Division /

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Q: What are the four operations in math that you mostly use?
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What are the four fundamental operations use in math?

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

How do you spell the math term urithmatick?

The use of numbers in simple math operations is "arithmetic."

Does a firefighter use any math?

a basic firefighter does not use any math but if you are an EO (Engine operator) yes you with use math because you have to do pump operations and hydraulics.

What type of math does a dietitian use?

Mostly just arithmetic.

How do you know when to solve a math problem from left to right and when to use order of operations?


Do architects use math operations of multiplication and and division in their work?

Yes they use multiplication and division to measure geometry

What type of math does a CPA use?

Basic addition and subtraction mostly.

Why is there a universal order of operations to use when solving math problems?

It is convenient for different people to agree on the standard order of operations. This saves complicated explanations.

What are the words that you are going to use in the four fundamental operations?

sum diference

What are the four steps for solving math problems?

what do the following mean in solving math problems? Use a four-step plan Pattern Table

When do you use inverse operations outside of math?

With a light switch, for example: switch off = Inverse of (switch on)

Application of maths?

There are actually many applications that math does in your life. Architecture uses math. Computers use math. And almost always math is used in measuring