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X-Y Coordinates Origin Quadrants Points

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Q: What are the four parts of a coordinate plane?
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The four parts or a coordinate plane?

are the four quadrants.

Four parts of a coordinate plane?


What are the quadrants in the coordinate plane?

The coordinate plane is divided into four quarters by the axes. These are the four quadrants.

The four parts of a coordinate plane?

X-Y Coordinates Origin Quadrants Points The proper answer is a QUADRANT. The others are objects that may be found on a coordinate plane. Points are listed but not lines (why not?).

What are the four parts of a coordinate plane called?

The four parts of a coordinate plane are called quadrants. These parts are divided up by the x and y-axis, which can be labeled using roman numerals (I-IV) or Q1-Q4. Quadrants are labeled counter-clockwise, beginning in the upper right-hand side and ending in the lower-right-hand side.

Four regions of a coordinate plane?


What are the four areas of a Cartesian coordinate plane?

The four quadrants.

The four regions into which the coordinate plane is divided?

Are the four quadrants.

Four sections that divide a coordinate grid?

The intersecting x- and y-axes divide the coordinate plane into four sections.

What is the difference between a coordinate grid and a coordinate plane?

A coordinate grid has just one large section displaying data varying from (0,0) to (infinity,infinity). On the other hand, a coordinate plane is much different. A coordinate plane has four sections, (+,+), (+,-), (-,+), and (-,-). Theese four sections are all in oposite corners of a grid. I hope this helped!!

What are the parts of cartesian coordinate plane?

Horizontal, vertical, lateral

What is a coordinate plane that has no breaks in it?

A coordinate plane! If it has one or more breaks in it is not a coordinate plane but only a part of one.