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They answer the questions which one, what kind, how many

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what are the four adjectives

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What kind, which one and how

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Q: What are the four questions adjectives answer?
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What are the four questions that adjectives can answer?

The four questions that adjectives answer are: How many, what kind, which one, and to what extent.

1What are the four questions an adjective will answer?

Adjectives answer the questions Which one, what kind, how many, how much, whose. Adverbs answer the questions Where, when, how, how often, to what extent.

What are the questions that adjectives answer?

Adjectives answer these questions: What kind? Which one? How many? How much? Adjectives modify nouns and pronouns (naming words).

What questions do adjectives answer?

Adjectives answer the following questions: "Which one?" "What kind?" "How many?" "How much?" and "Whose?"

What four questions will an adjective answer?

Adjectives answer these four questions: Which one? What kind? How much? Whose?

What questions do adjectives ask?

Adjectives ask these questions: which one, what kind, how many, how much, whose.

What questions do predicate nominatives and predicate adjectives answer?

They answer the questions "How" or "what" :)

What the types of adjictive?

Adjectives are parts of speech that add description. There are four types of adjectives: descriptive adjectives, limiting adjectives, predicate adjectives and verbals as adjectives.

Why do adjectives answer questions?

because of its meaning.

What are the two classes of adjectives?

There are actually four classes of adjectives. The classes are descriptive adjectives, adjectives of quantity, demonstrative adjectives, and pronominal adjectives

What are the 2 kids of adjectives?

There are four forms of adjectives: attributive, predicative, absolute, and nominal

What are the four demonstrative adjectives?

That, This, These, Those

What questions do adjective ask?

Who, what, when, where, how, and why are not adjectives. Who is a pronoun and the rest are adverbs.

What are four adjectives for a red panda?


What are four letter adjectives that start with f?


Which are the four demonstrative adjectives that begin with th?

These, that, those, this

What are two adjectives that describe the US climate?

four seasons

What three questions do adjectives answer about the words they modify?

Which one?What kind?How many?

Is questions an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. Questions is the plural noun for question, which can also be a verb. The related adjectives are questioning and questionable, which has the adverb form questionably.

What do adjectives modify?

Adjectives modify a noun or pronoun...Adjectives usually answer three questions about the nouns they describe:ExamplesI have a blue car (What type?)Four tickets, please. (How many?)I would buy these shoes. (Which?)

What are some four letter adjectives that begin with the letter Z?


What are four adjectives that describe Athena?

Wise, Helpful, determind,creative.

What are four active adjectives for cheater?

mislead, dupe, delude, con

What are four adjectives that describe Hades?

Gloomy, hateful, jealous, possesive

How do you make your questions specific?

You can ask the question exactly to the point. Adjectives can be used to make it specific.

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