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There are actually six: Parallelogram, Rhombus, Rectangle, Square, Trapezoid and Kite

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Q: What are the four types of quadrangles?
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Is a trapazoid a quadrangels?

quadrangles means four-angled object but mostly a rectangular one a trapezoid has 4 angles but only two sides are parallel So a trapezoid can be a quadrangles but not all trapezoids are quadrangels On another hand all quadrangles are trapezoid

How many 7.5 minute quadrangles occur within a 15 minute sheet?


What are some of the quadrangles shapes?

anything with four sides, rectangle, square, rhombus, parallelogram. etc

Does a quadrangle have to have all the same sides?

No any polygon with four sides is a quadrangle. Quadrangles can also be called quadralaterals.

Are all quadrangles parallelograms?


How many sides does a quadrangles have?


What shapes are four-sided polygons that can have more than one name?

All of them are both quadrilaterals and quadrangles. That's two names!

What shapes are quadrangles?

squares, rectangles, trapezoids, rhombuses

Do all quadrangles sum to 360 degrees?


What are shapes with 4 sides called?

quadrangles No it quadrilaterals

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What are the four types of hazard?

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What is the shape called with 4 sides?

There are called quadrilaterals, or quadrangles.

Does a trapezoid tile?

Yes, it does. In fact, all quadrangles tile.

Why is a square not a quadrangle?

It is a quadrangle. However, not all quadrangles are squares, because to be a square all the sides and all the angles have to be equal. To be a quadrangle the figure simply has to have four sides (and therefore four angles), which may all be different.

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Is a trapazoid or rhombus a polygon and aquadrangle?

Both are polygons and both are quadrangles.

What are the names of quadrangles?

Rectangles, squares, rhombus, diamond, kite, etc.

Why do people use triangles?

Because they are less expensive than quadrangles.

Is a kite a quadrangles?

yes, it has 4 sides and angles.... like a square. :)