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Q: What are the function of endodermis?
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What is the function of passage cells in the endodermis of root?

In endodermis the passage cells passes the water molecules from the cortex to the protoxylem. Passage cells prevent the re entry of water molecules into the cortex.

Is the endodermis a layer of skin?

The endodermis is found in the layers of cells found in plants

Is endodermis a layer of skin?

The endodermis is found in the layers of cells found in plants

What does endodermis mean?

The ring of cells which surrounds the vascular tissue.

What is the function of the endodermis in the root?

The epidermis protects the underlying tissues. The cuticle prevents the desiccation of inner tissues and thus prevents water loss . The stomata allows gaseous exchange for the processes of respiration and photosynthesis.

The veins in a leaf are called what?

it is called endodermis

Analyze the word to determine its Greek prefix. Then use your understanding of the prefix meaning to choose the correct meaning of the word. endodermis?

The Greek prefix in "endodermis" is "endo-", which means "within" or "inside." Therefore, the correct meaning of "endodermis" is the innermost layer of cells in a plant root or stem that serves as a protective barrier.

The endodermis functions as a gateway for what to flow into the vascular tissue cells?

Water :)

How does the endodermis control the flow of water and ions in to root vascular tissues?

The endodermis controls the flow of water and ions into root vascular tissues by operating according the rules of osmosis and diffusion, common in biology.

Which tissue acts as a filter on the water absorbed by root hairs?

The answer is Xylem

Plants do not have a circulatory system like that of some animals if a given water molecule did circulate it would require A xylem B phloem C endodermis D xylem and endodermis E xylem and phloem?

E. xylem and phloem

The casparian strip prevents water and minerals from entering the stele through?