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1.4 Classification Of Functions

Analytically represented functions are either Elementary or Non-elementary.

The basic elementary functions are :

1) Power function :y = xm , m ÎR

2) Exponential function :y = ax , a > 0 but a ¹ 1

3) Logarithmic function :y = log ax , a > 0, a ¹ 1 and x > 0

4) Trigonometric functions :y = sin x, y = cos x, y = tan x,

y = csc x, y = sec x and y = cot x

5) Inverse trigonometric functions

y = sin-1 x, y = cos-1x, y = tan-1x,

OR y = cot-1x, y = cosec-1x, y = sec-1x.

y = arc sin x, y = arc cos x, y = arc tan x

y = arc cot x, y = arc csc x and y = arc sec x

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Q: What are the functions and classification in calculus?
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