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There are 3 independent variables:

1) The condition the children were exposed to.

2) The gender of the model, and

3) The gender of the child.

The dependent variable is the imitation/behaviour of the children after the exposure.

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Q: What are the independent and dependent variables in albert bandura bobo doll experiment?
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Albert Bandura is still alive.

How many children does albert bandura have?

Albert Bandura has two daughters.

In psychology Which social-cognitive theorist argues that behavior is influenced by situation variables and person variables?

Albert Bandura is a social-cognitive theorist who argues that behavior is influenced by both situation variables and person variables. He proposed the concept of reciprocal determinism, which suggests that behavior is shaped by the interaction between personal factors, environmental factors, and behavior itself.

When was Oleksandr Bandura born?

Oleksandr Bandura was born on 1986-05-30.

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What psychologist is best known for working with children and a Bobo doll to study whether aggressive behavior is learned by watching others be aggressive?

Albert Bandura is the psychologist best known for conducting the Bobo doll experiment. This study demonstrated how children learn aggressive behavior by observing adult models engaging in violent acts towards a toy doll. Bandura's work has had a significant impact on social learning theory and our understanding of how behaviors are acquired and reinforced through observation and imitation.

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Who was Albert Bandura and why was he concerned about what children viewed on television?

Albert Bandura is a renowned psychologist who contributed two main theories to the field of psychology: the social learning theory and the theory of self-efficacy. However, he is most well-known for his "Bobo Doll experiment." The Bobo doll experiment was an experiment in which children viewed a researcher behave aggressively towards a Bobo doll. When the researcher left the room, the kids in the experimental group (who viewed the aggressive researcher) were more likely to behave aggressively towards the doll. This suggests that aggression, especially in children, can be linked to the act of social learning. Therefore, Bandura was concerned that the violence and bad behavior portrayed on television could influence children to model it.

Who is the theorist who coined the term self-efficacy?

Albert Bandura, a psychologist, is the theorist who coined the term self-efficacy. Bandura's theory states that an individual's belief in their ability to succeed in specific situations influences their behavior and performance.