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There are many instruments for measuring speed but I am not aware of any for measuring velocity.

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Q: What are the instrument use in measuring for velocity?
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When are air velocity measuring instrument used?

When are air velocity measurement used

What are the instrument use in measuring for liquid?

measuring jug! kettle

What instrument is use for measuring speed?


What is the instrument use in measuring angles?

a protractor

What is instrument use in measuring an angle?

a protractor

What is the latest instrument use in measuring temperature?

A thermometer

What instrument do you use to find liters?

A measuring flask.

How do you use a sphygmomamometer?

a instrument used for measuring blood pressure

What instrument will use to find liquid volume?

A measuring cylinder

What if you was measuring with meters what instrument would you use?

Meter stick

What is the instrument which is on a tall pole and has a copper type ball on the top show picture with explanation?

You are describing an anemometer.This is for measuring wind velocity.

How to improve accuracy in a measuring instrument?

You adjust the measuring instrument :)