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Integrated Science Process SkillsSkillDefinitionExampleIdentifying and Controlling VariablesBeing able to identify variables (recognizing the characteristics of objects or factors in events) that are constant or change under different conditions, AND that can affect an experimental outcome keeping most constant while manipulating only one (the independent) variable.Listing or describing the factors that are thought to, or would, influence the rate at which an ice cube melts in air or waterDefining OperationallyStating how to measure a variable in an experiment, defining the variable according to the actions or operations to be performed on or with itStating that bean growth will be defined as the amount of change in height as measured from the top of the soil to the tip of the longest stem in centimeters per weekFormulating HypothesesStating or constructing a statement, that is tentative or testable, about what is thought to be the expected outcome of an experiment (based on reasoningMaking a statement to be used as the basis for an experiment; "if one ice cube is placed in cool water and an identical cube is placed in warm water, then the cube in the warmer water will melt first, or the greater the amount of organic matter added to the soil, the greater the amount the bean growthRecording and InterpretingCollecting bits of information about objects and events that illustrate a specific situation; organizing and analyzing data that have been obtained and drawing conclusions from it by determining apparent patterns or relationships in the dataRecording data from an experiment and forming a conclusion that relates trends in data to variables; studying a graph of data collected relating variables and determining a relationship between the variablesExperimentingBeing able to conduct an experiment, including asking an appropriate question, stating an hypothesis, identifying and controlling variables, operationally defining those variables, designing a "fair" experiment, conducting the experiment, and interpreting the results of an experimentThe entire process of conducting an experiment to determine the relation between soil conditions and plant growth, population and pollution, etcFormulating ModelsCreating a mental or physical model of a process, object or eventDrawing a diagram; producing a picture that illustrates information about ice cube melting; writing to describe how the process of evaporation and condensation inter-relate in the water cycle, illustrating by analogyMaking DecisionsIdentifying alternatives and choosing a course of action from among the alternatives after basing the judgment for the selection on justifiable reasonsIdentifying alternative ways to store ice cuvbes to avoid causing them to melt; analyzing the consequences of each alternative such as the cost, the effect on other people or on the environment; using justifiable reasons as the basis for making the decision; choosing freely from the alternatives

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Q: What are the integrated science process?
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When was McMaster Integrated Science created?

McMaster Integrated Science was created in 2009.

When was Integrated Science Center created?

Integrated Science Center was created in 2008.

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Integrated science deals with a combination of all science areas. It is useful in creating innovative devices and machines that combine the knowledge and understanding of different science fields.

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The word "integrated" means to "come together, to be a part of, to include." Integrated science incorporates the knowledge base of all the sciences, both physical and biological. In actuality, all science is integrated as neither truly stands alone. This is why anyone interested in a scientific education must study many different branches of science to be truly educated.