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there are many key segment to medical esthetics. the main key is integreting the beauty of spa and the technology of cosmetic procedures. being involoved in medical esthetics personally, our main focus is daily focus on changes in technology and protocols and always patient safety, while up holding patient satisfaction and comfort. with a medical spa setting we also offer full range of phareceutical products, mineral makeups, massage, body treatments, facials, injectables and laser treatments. As far as a medical esthetician i can work very closely with my over riding dermatologist and provide optimum patient care and be able to spend that much wanted time that patients are craving while in a physicians office.

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Q: What are the key segments in medical aesthetics?
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How do you get started in Medical Aesthetics?

You should be a qualified medical Professional before you consider medical aeshtetics. This is especially true of botox which is still a key part of the medical aesthetics treatment mix. There are specific courses run by the suppliers of medical aesthetic products which are certificated.

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Medical Cosmetics Ltd is a UK-based company that offers non-surgical cosmetic treatments and medical aesthetics services. **See more at:**

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Beginning Your Medical Aesthetics Training for a New Career?

Entering the medical industry is possible by completing medical aesthetics training. With your training, you will provide cosmetic services to clients of all ages. Medical aesthetics professionals use a variety of tools, including lasers and chemical acids, to enhance the appearance. Much like other fields of medicine, you must have the proper training before becoming a professional in this field.The RequirementsSome medical aesthetics training focuses on specific treatments, such as laser technicians, while other materials you learn will focus on more general aspects of patient care. The materials that you will learn may depend on your state, since some states have different guidelines for practicing in cosmetic medicine than others. The most typical requirements for entering the field of medical aesthetics include training in each of the procedures offered by your establishment. Requirements for some medical aesthetics training also include a background education in the medical field or in cosmetology, depending on the program you want to enter and the state that you will practice in. Some states also require that you have at least 600 hours of training logged before practicing in your state in addition to passing the state exam for medical aesthetics in the state. The exam will occur after the training has been completed.What You LearnDuring your medical aesthetics training, you will learn how to use and care for equipment, how to perform procedures such as chemical peels, and how to provide care for patients throughout the treatment process. While the procedures performed can seem simple, using your equipment incorrectly can result in damage to the patient, making your training vital to performing the procedure. You will also want to know how to identify and deal with any problems that may occur during treatments. Entering the workforce after completing medical aesthetics training allows you to build your own spa, salon or beauty establishment by offering more advanced treatments for clients. You will be able to perform most basic skin rejuvenation techniques, which are in high demand, right in your business using the skills that you learned with your training.

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