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collectively kown as computation

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Q: What are the key words for math when your supposed to add subtract and mulitiply and divide?
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How can we determine what to do add subtract multiply or divide on word problem questions on whole numbers?

Word problems have key words, like sum, add, difference, subtract, product, multiply, quotient, divide.

What are the operations in order?

Parentheses () Exponents Multiply * Divide / Addition + Subtract - In other words pemdas

What words begin with sub?

submarine subtract .ect

What other words mean the same as subtract?


What others words mean subtract?

Finding the difference of.

What is the definition of operator in math?

An operator is "a symbol or function representing a mathematical operation." In other words, it's the symbol telling you what should be done in the equation, (i.e., add, subtract, multiply, divide...)

What are some words that subtract mean?

take away, minus

What are 2 words that mean to subtract?

the difference or take away

Is thankyou 2 words?

Yes it is supposed to be 2 words.

What are some subbtraction words?

Decrease,negative,take away,and subtract!

Are there math words that start with S?

yes if subtract counts as one.

How do you divide the words in syllables?


What are some words that tell you to divide?

Equally Divide Groups Division, over, into, goes into

What are some words with the prefix sub?

Some words with the prefix sub are: Submarine, Subterranean, Subtext, Subtract, Submerge.

How many words does a song supposed to have?


A divide as it relates to earth is?

A DIVIDE is A divide is the elevated boundary between areas that are drained by different river systems. (or words to that effect!)

Words that start with prefix sub?

subtract, submerge, submarine, subtitle, substitute

Is there a compound word?

A compound word is one that is made of two or more separate words. The way to tell is to divide the word and see if you get real words when you divide it. There is no way to divide "there" and get two words that are real words. You can get the word "here" but then the only thing left is "T" and that's not a word. This makes there NOT a compound word.

What are some words that mean division?


What words can you use in a sentence for division?


What are some other words division?


How do you divide polyarteritis in words part?


When in a word problem and it uses the words how many does it mean to divide?

When you have a word problem where the numbers are expressed in words, the term "divided by" is usually a reference to what you need to divide.

What should you do if numbers are too hard to add subtract multiply or divide?

You could use a calculator, or you could use pictures, numbers or words.You could also ask a teacher or adult

How many words is a page supposed to be?

250 -275words

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