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Kinds of sets are:

infinite set-the set continues on for infinity.There may not be an infinite amount of a thing you wear, it is limited to numbers.

finite set-it has finite (countable) number of elements, it has unlimited numbers.

numerical set-a set having only numbers as its elements, set prime numbers (2,3,5,7,11,13,17..)

equal set-two sets are equal if they have precisely the same numbers.

null set-its is a set with no elements or numbers.

equivalent set-sets with the same numbers of members .

intersecting sets-sets with some members in common.

subsets-sets contained within others are subset.

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Q: What are the kinds of sets in college algebra?
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What are the kinds of set in college algebra?

The kinds of set in college algebra depends with the topic being tackled.

What are the lectures of college algebra about sets?

Lectures of college algebra about sets could include: * Describing sets * Relationship between sets * Basic operation in sets * Solving problems using Venn diagram

Definition of sets in college algebra?

A set is a collection of objects.

What is the operation of sets in college algebra?

All of mathematics can be defined in terms of sets. Sets are used to give an axiomatic definition of numbers and relations. However, most, if not all of college algebra was known before anybody thought about sets. You have to learn what your teachers expects you to learn, but very little set theory is actually needed for college algebra.

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The basic operations on sets are union, intersection, complement.

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what is joint set

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There are several different types of sets in college algebra. Some of these include notation and intersection by using brackets.

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Just about anything can be a set in college algebra. Sets are made up of things that can be manipulated a whole thing by rules of mathematics.

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The operations areunion,intersection,complement,contain andbeing contained.

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