What are the kinds of triangle?

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There are many different types of triangles. A few are a right triangle, obtuse triangle, equilateral triangle, acute triangle and isosceles triangle.

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Q: What are the kinds of triangle?
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Different kinds of equilateral triangle?

the three kinds of triangle are iscoceles scalene and etc:

What are the kinds of triangles according to angles?

right triangle. obtuse triangle. acute triangle

What are the six kinds of triangle?

acute angled triangle,right angled triangle,obtuse angled triangle,isosceles triangle,equilateral triangle, scalene triangle

What is the six kinds of triangle?

A scalene triangle, an equilateral triangle, an isosceles triangle and a right-angle triangle, acute-angled triangle, obtuse-angled triangle

What type of triangle has 35 57 90 as its angels?

kinds of triangle as to angels

What are the two general kinds of triangles?

might be an equilateral triangle. isosceles triangle or a right angled triangle :)

How do you spell the kinds of triangles?

Some types of triangles are: scalene triangle equilateral triangle isosceles triangle acute triangle right triangle obtuse triangle

Examples of six kinds of triangle?

There are only three kinds of triangle - equilateral, where all three sides are the same - isoceles, where only two sides are the same - and scalene, where no sides are the same. The right triangle is a special case of the isoceles or scalene. Even if you consider the right triangle different, which is is not, that only make five kinds of triangle.

What is a kinds of triangle?

Right triangle (has one 90 degree angle). Isosceles triangle (has two equal length sides).

What kinds of waves can a trumpet make?

triangle waves

What are the kinds of triangle according the measure of angle?

Angle in triangle abc measure 27, 73 and 80, what kind of triangle is abc

Name all the kinds of triangles?

Right Angled triangle Isoceles triangle Equalateral Acute scalene triangle Obtuse scalene triangle equalatrial isosilies scaline

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