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* Null hypothesis is whether there is a difference or not. Null hypothesis (H0) is a stated assumption that there is no difference in parameters (mean, variance, DPMO) for two or more populations. According to the null hypothesis, any observed difference in samples is due to chance or sampling error. Starting with understanding the DMAIC method, with out this you are never going to have successful results. I recently discovered this site dedicated to answering all the Lean Six Sigma / process improvement needs and questions. They offer a FREE very complete software system that will walk you through the entire DMAIC methodology. It has a training video at every possible step including example data, video demonstration, voice guided instructions, templates for every step, and a phone contact to even help you. Oh and did i say FREE? In that site they also have a forum for Q. & A. beside a live chat room. Do you use minitab? How about a complete section on how to use it with videos and links to their home page. They have so much more I cant list, just go there and see. I spend countless hours looking for answers as you did here. I found a source with accurate information and gives you what you are really looking for, plus a way to drive your projects with a mentor

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Q: What are the limits of null hypothesis testing and possible alternatives?
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