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ang bahu ng mga puke nyu ....!

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Q: What are the lines use in regulating the height and of letters?
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Are there any laws that regulating preservatives use?

are there laws regulating the use of preservatives

What is a contour and why do you use them?

Contours are lines shown on maps depicting the height of different areas.

What map would you use to know the height of a mountain?

A topographical map will show contour lines and spot heights, with mountain tops marked with their height.

Why is the A-flat major scale written on the same lines and spaces as the A major scale?

Because both scales use the same letters.

Why do contour lines not branch?

Because contour lines show the places with same height above sea level, and if they branched, we should instead use another set of contour lines to show a height difference for the place where they should branch, and another to show the same height for the altitude above sea level as the original supposed branch, as if they branched, it would mean that there was a difference in altitude between them.

How do you use topographic map to find the location and elevation?

A typical topographical map is printed on a grid that enable a position to be found, or given, by using a grid reference. Elevation is shown by using contour lines. Contour lines show areas of the same height, and the lines may be set at 50 metres between them. Therefore, two contour lines have a height of 50 metres between them.

Why do we use letters?

We use letters to write words

What is a good way to use height in a sentence?

The height of...What is the height of...What is your height?My height is...

Are latitude lines natural or man made?

-- Your height and weight are natural. The systems you use to describe your height and weight to people who can't see you are man-made. -- The latitude and longitude of a place on Earth are natural. The systems we use to describe the latitude and longitude of a place are man-made. 'Lines' are an irrelevant distraction in this discussion, just as the marks on the ruler and the bathroom scale are.

How are drugs regulated?

the smart people use regulating tech to regulate the drugs

How does Congress use its commerce powers?

The Congress can use its commerce powers in various ways. These may include regulating business activities, breaking monopolies, regulating banks and stock markets and so much more.

What words can you spell from the letters in 'these letters ACUQBEN?

You can use the letters to spell acne, beau, ban, can, cub and an. They use letters ACUQBEN.

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