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You can't tell the dimensions from the area. All you know is that (1/2 x base x height) = 8

and that (hypotenuse)2 = (one leg)2 + (other leg)2 .

There are an infinite number of right triangles that all have area of 8 cm2 .

Here are three of them:

leg --- leg --- hypotenuse

4cm -- 4cm -- 5.657cm

2cm -- 8cm -- 8.246cm

1cm -- 16cm -- 16.031cm

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Q: What are the measurements of a right-angle triangle with an are of 8 cm squared?
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The base of a triangle is 12 cm the triangle has an area of 48cm squared what is the height of the triangle?

Height = 8 cm

What three measurements could be the length of the side of a triangle?

They could be 3 cm by 4 cm by 5 cm for a right angle triangle.

What did Pythagoras discover?

He discovered how to find the length of the missing side of a right triangle, so if there was a 5 cm line and a 4 cm line he could tell the length of the other line on a triangle. The answer to the 5 cm by 4 cm would be 3 cm. That is his famous 5, 4, 3 triangle. The formula for it is A squared plus B squared equals C squared.

Show me a triangle with the area of 9 square cm?

The formula to calculate area of a triangle is b x h / 2 so if u were to do that to find a 9 cm squared it would be:2x9/2 = 9 cm squared

If the area of a triangle is 15 cm squared, and the based is 2 cm, then what is the height?

15 centimeters.

What is the length of the hypotenuse of an isosceles right triangle that has a leg length of 10cm?

For isosceles triangle both legs are the same, 10 cm. The hypotenuse is square root of sum of legs squared, = sqrt (10 squared + 10 squared) = 14.1 cm

One leg of a right triangle is 20 cm what is the hypotenuse?

the hypotonose of a triangle is the square root or one side squared plus the other side squared.

What is the hypotenuse of a triangle with a base of 12 cm and a leg of 5 cm?

Hypotenuse squared = 12 squared + 5 Squared so Hypotenuse Squared = 144 + 25 so Hypotenuse = Square root of 169 = 13cm

What is the area of an isosceles triangle that has a base of 5 cm and a height of 7cm?

17.5cm squared

The area is 120 cm squared what is the base?

It depends on the shape - triangle, parallelogram etc.

What is the length of the altitude of an equilateral triangle if one side has a length of 6 cm?

6 squared = 3 squared + x squared if x is the height (altitude) of the triangle 36 = 9+x squared x squared =27 so x = 3 sqrt3 = 5.19615

The base of an isosceles triangle is 18 cm long the equal side are each 24 cm long What is the altitude?

Since an isosceles triangle can be represented by two right triangles back to back, you can utilize the pythagorean theorum to solve this example. Specifically: 18cm/2 = 9cm = 1 leg of right triangle (A) 24cm = hypotenuse of right triangle (C) A squared + B squared = C squared Altitude = B = square root of (C squared - A squared) = approximately 19.875