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the missing number in the series 1,4,27.----.3125 is 81,35,729,256,115 .Please help to find the missing number.

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Q: What are the missing numbers in this series XX33772365?
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What is the missing number in this series?


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Given only one number it is impossible to identify three missing numbers.

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using mental math to find the missing numbers. make 8 12345 _ _ _ _ 4 what are the missing numbers Make 6 0 _ _ _ 6 _ _ _ what are the missing numbers

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The next two number in the series are: 5 & 16

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The average of a set of numbers is defined as the sum of those numbers divided by the number of numbers. If the average is given, multiply that by number of items in the set including the missing number. Subtract the sum of given numbers from this quotient and the missing number is revealed.

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