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Q: What are the months when akhet happen?
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How long did the akhet last?

The Akhet lasted for 4 months. There were 3 seasons, Akhet, and two other (which i cannot remember!! soz) have a good DAY!!

What does akhet mean in Egypt?

Akhet is an ancient Egyptian season.

What season come first ShemuPeret or Akhet?

It is Akhet, then Peret, theShemu

What is the definition of Egypt season Akhet?

Akhet is an Egyptian language word. It has two meanings. The first meaning is as a season. The Akhet season ran approximately from mid-July to mid-November in Ancient Egypt. In the second meaning, Akhet is the place where the sun rises and sets.

What season comes first peret or akhet in ancient Egypt?

First came Akhet, then it was Peret. The last season was Shemu. Akhet was the season of Inundation, Peret was the season of Emergence, and Shemu was the season of drought.

The Egyptian word for inundation?


What is the season of inundation in ancient Egyptian calendar?

Innundation (akhet which means 'flooded') the four months from July-October during which the land was covered by the flood waters of the Nile.

Why did the Egyptians love the season of Akhet?

Akhet, the flood season brought extra water, silt and very fertile soil for crops etc and therefore life to them.

What does shemu peret and akhet seasons mean in English?

Peret was from November through march, or the planting season. Shemu was march through July, or the harvesting season. In Akhet (July to November) the nile would flood (inundation).

What is the name of the Niles flooding season?

The Egyptians called it Akhet - the Inundation

What is the name of the Great Sphinx of Giza?

Her-Em-Akhet (Heru-of-the horizon)

What two words describe the Nile River flooding?

The River Nile flooded every year between June and September, in a season the Egyptians called akhet - the inundation.