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Q: What are the names of the three dimensions of the cube?
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Is a cube three dimensions and infinitely large?

No, it is not.

What has three dimensions with all having the same measurements?


A cube has the volume of 2184 cubic inches what are the dimensions?

Each of the three dimensions are 12.97430823 inches

Write two properties of a cube?

Two properties of a cube are six sides and three dimensions.

Why a cube is not a polygon?

A polygon is a two-dimensional shape. A cube has three dimensions, and is thus not a polygon.A three-dimensional solid shape (such as a cube) is called a polyhedron.

Why is the exponent three called cubed?

Cubed is the third dimension because it is a cube. A cube has three dimensions of equal amount. A cube of three-inch sides, to get its volume you'd multiply three times three times three, which is three cubed.

What is a three-dimentional shape?

On paper = 2 dimensions Physical = 3 dimensions Examples: a square is 2 dimensions and a cube is 3 dimensions a circle is 2 dimensions and a ball is 3 dimensions

Why is volume in cube units?

Because volume has three dimensions: A line has one dimension: length An area has two dimensions: length and width Volume has three dimensions: length, width and depth.

Why is it called cubed and squared?

That is because a cube has 3 dimensions, and a square has 2.That is because a cube has 3 dimensions, and a square has 2.That is because a cube has 3 dimensions, and a square has 2.That is because a cube has 3 dimensions, and a square has 2.

What is the first dimension?

In its simplest form: a line describes one dimension, a plane describes two dimensions, and a cube describes three dimensions.

What is solid square in maths?

for something o be solid it must have three dimensions so i guess its another name for a cube! a perfect cube?

How many dimensions does a cube root as a perfect cube have?

A cube root of a perfect cube has only one dimension. A perfect cube is a number that can be obtained by multiplying an integer by itself three times. Taking the cube root of a perfect cube will give you the original integer value, effectively reducing the dimensionality back to one.