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one of a positive side is the knowledge of a student will gain much more

and they will improve much more because of more education will be learning

actually there is no negative only for the laziness of a student to go to school

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Q: What are the negative and positive effects of k 12?
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Negative 6 over 5 K equals 12?

The answer to negative 6 over 5K equals 12 is k equals -10.

What is the minimum value of the sum if the product of two numbers is K?

The answer depends on what restrictions are placed on K and the two numbers, p and k/p. If the factors can be negative, then there is no minimum. p can be a very large negative number, with K/p being very small. If K is positive and the factors must be positive, then the smallest sum is 2*sqrt(k). To see this, let a and b be the two numbers, with a*b=k. Then b=k/a and the sum of the two numbers is S = a+k/a. To find the values of a which lead to extreme values of S, take the derivative of a+k/a and set to zero. The derivative is 1-k/(a^2) = 0. Solving for a gives a = +-sqrt(k). a=sqrt(k) is a local minimum, (and the only minimum if we're considering only positive values). This gets a lot more complicated if K or the factors must be rational, or worse still, integers. Such limitations have not been made clear in the question.

Changing velocty and constant acceleration?

Changing velocity and constant acceleration? Yes. Changing velocity indicates constant acceleration dv/dt = a constant(k) when v=kt. Then dv/dt= dkt/dt= k. the constant k can be positive , negative or zero.

What is the math answer to negative K equals 22?

K = negative 22(Caution: This is not the Chemistry, History,or Comparative Eastern Religion answer.)

When a variable is being multiplied and it's negative what do you do?

When a variable is being multiplied and it's negative such as in (-4k = 12), you simply perform the inverse operation (in your case division) and keep the sign the same. e.g. -4k = 12 -4k ÷ -4 = 12 ÷ -4 k = -3

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What are the negative effects of k plus 12 in the Philippines?

The negative effects of K Plus 12 program in the Philippines is the impact the additional public grades will have on the private schools. The government is taking a chance by implicating this system because there is no statics to support the program.

Does anyone know any positive and negative character traits that start with the letter z and that start with the letter k too?

Positive Z: zealous, zestful. Negative Z: ??? Positive K: Kind, keen Negative K: kooky(?)

What are the formulas for negative and positive numbers?

Negative number = -N , where 0 < N < ∞ . Positive number = +K , where 0 < K < ∞ .

What are negative facts about k 12 in the Philippines?

facts of k 12

Negative 6 over 5 K equals 12?

The answer to negative 6 over 5K equals 12 is k equals -10.

Does the A and K Airsoft Masada have a 14mm negative or a 14mm positive thread for flash hiders?

Does the A and K Airsoft Masada has a 14mm negative thread for flash hiders.

What is k in the problem 25k plus 12 equals negative 13?

k = -1

What test will differentiate between Klebsiella pneumonia and Citrobacter freundii?

K. oxytoca will be indole-positive while K. pneumonia is indole-negative

Is 0 degrees celsius equal to negative 273 k?

There are no negative Kelvin temperatures, as it sets 0 K as absolute zero, the lowest possible temperature of matter.0 degrees Celsius is approximately POSITIVE 273 K (273.15 K). Conversely, 0 K (zero kelvins) is equal to -273.15°C.

What is negative -k plus negative -k if k equals 2?

neg(-k) + neg(-k) = k + k = 2k = 4

Why can't temperature drop below absolute zero?

hypothetically it can. According to thermodynamics if temperature is dropped below -273 C (0 K) the volume becomes negative, which is not possible in our universe. But (hypothetically) there are infinite parallel universes consiqutively positive and negative. The positive one consists of matter and the negative of antimatter(proved practically at CERN) . volume of matter is positive and that of antimatter is negative. So by the time the temperature is dropped below 0 K all the matter is converted into antimatter and it eventually goes in another universe.

How does the cell membrane become more positive outside and more negative inside?

It is due to the impalance of, most commonly, Na & K ions. This equilibrium is established by the Na/K Exchanger.