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1 and 0. You can set this up as an algebra problem by realizing that x = 1/x. From there, multiply both sides by x, then take the square root of both sides.

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Q: What are the numbers are their own reciprocals?
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What are the two conditional statements from the following Two numbers are reciprocals if and only if their product is 1?

If two numbers are reciprocals, then their product is 1. If the product of two numbers is 1, then they are reciprocals.

How can you tell if two numbers are reciprocals?

If you multiply two reciprocals, their product must be 1.

What is the product of two numbers that are opposite reciprocals?

I have a feeling that you wrote "opposite reciprocals"where you only needed to write "reciprocals".Their product is ' 1 '.

What are inverted numbers called?


Do irrational numbers have reciprocals?

Every one of them has a reciprocal.

Two numbers are if their product is -1?

Two numbers are negative reciprocals if their product is -1. The numbers 1/2 and -2 are negative reciprocals. Their product is -1. This is often seen in problems involving the slopes of two lines. The slopes of perpendicular lines are negative reciprocals. Their product is -1.

What do you call two numbers and their product is one?

The numbers are reciprocals of one another.

Can numbers have their own reciprocal?

Yes, numbers can have their own reciprocals. Whole numbers can be written as a fraction, like 4 as 4/1(four over one). Then, you would just flip it. It would become 1/4(one over four). You can do this with fractions.

What is it called when two numbers have a product that is one?

The Two numbers are reciprocals of each number

What are two numbers with a product of one?

They're known as reciprocals.

What is the product of two numbers that are reciprocals of one another?


What numbers have reciprocals less than 1 and greater than 1?

Numbers greater than 1 have reciprocals less than 1. Numbers less than 1 have reciprocals greater than 1.