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Take the probability to get a hole in one (on the first try), and raise that probability to the 18th power. This is a rough estimate, since some holes are more difficult than others. The probability of getting a hole in one will obviously depend on the skill of the Golf player.

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Q: What are the odds of 18 holes in one in a round of golf?
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What are the odds of making two holes in one in a round of golf?

The answer depends on the course - or the par values for each of the holes - as well as your skills, and luck.

If you played 2 round of golf how many golf holes did you play?

One round is 18 .. so 18 + 18= 36. ; 36 holes

How many golf courses?

Some golf resort have different golf course, depends on the golf area. In one round there are 9 standard holes.

What is the lowest possible score in a standard round of golf?

An 18 if you shoot all holes in one.

Odds of hole in one in golf?

the odds of getting a hole in one is 12,500 in 1. This is a very slim chance.

How many holes in one?

In a standard golf course, there are 18 holes. But some golf courses have 9 or 27.

What are the odds of getting consecutive hole in ones?

I just read that the odds of shooting 2 consecutive holes in one were on the order of 1 to 10,000,000. The story was about a guy who shot 2 in a row. I believe that, on the pro circuit, Arnold Palmer was the only one to do it . . . it could have been that he shot 2 holes in one in the same round, though.

Who played the Most golf holes in one day?

Ben Berger, Golf Professional Mishawaka Eberhart Petro 2008 - 527 holes 2009 - 600 holes 2010- 612 holes www.he'

How many golf balls can you use in one round?

As many as you have in your golf bag.

Odds of two players making a hole in one on different holes in round of golf?

My son who attends a junior college and on the golf team was playing a round with two other members. He was the first to tee off and they thought the ball might have gone in, they checked and he did get a hole in one, they went back so the other two kids could tee off and the 3rd one also hit a hole in one. Two players same hole same time. Pretty rare I would say!

What are the odds of birding all 4 par 3's in one round?

Different courses have different amounts of par 3s. The odds would depend on how many par 3s there are, how hard the holes are (length, pin placement) and how good the golfer is.

What are the approximate odds of making a hole in one?

I found this article that talks about a Golf Digest article that states the odds- September 2005 Issue Michel Hepp What Are the Odds of Making a Hole-In-One? Golf From Brent Kelley, Your Guide to Golf. Some people seem to make aces left and right. Other golfers go their whole golfing careers without one. Just how hard is it to make a hole-in-one? Exactly what are the odds? The odds vary, it turns out, depending on who you ask, but we're willing to be that the odds aren't as long as you might have expected. A. The odds of making a hole-in-one do vary somewhat, depending on the source and the numbers used for calculating the odds. One problem is that nobody knows the true number of aces made every year. There are numerous organizations that track holes-in-one, but not every ace that is made is reported. And, as we all know, not every ace that is reporter was actually made! In 1999, Golf Digest reported, "One insurance company puts a PGA Tour pro's chances at 1 in 3,756 and an amateur's at 1 in 12,750." That same issue reported that the "odds of an amateur making two holes-in-one in a round are 9,222,500 to 1." Ireland's National Hole in One Club puts the odds a little higher for one ace: "The estimated odds of acing a hole with any given swing are one in 33,000." And an article in the magazine Navy Newsstand, citing Sports Illustrated as its source, put the odds at 45,000 to 1 for "scoring a hole-in-one on a typical par-3 golf hole." What about the insurance companies that sell "hole-in-one insurance" to tournament promoters? They must know the odds, right? One such company, SCA Promotions, says the odds of a golfer holing out from 150 yards is somewhere from 10,000 to 15,000 to 1. But as close to an official source as exists on this topic is Golf Digest. The odds Scheid came up with were lower than any others cited above: 5,000 to 1. If you play 1,000 rounds in your life, according to Scheid, you have a 20-percent chance of recording an ace. If you play 20,000 rounds, you're odds are 1:1. The Golf Digest study provided many great nuggets of information, even breaking the odds down by quality of play: Tour player making an ace: 3,000 to 1 Low-handicapper making an ace: 5,000 to 1 Average player making an ace: 12,000 to 1 Some other highlights from Scheid's calculations: Average player acing a 200-yard hole: 150,000 to 1 Two players from the same foursome acing the same hole: 17 million to 1 One player making two holes-in-one in the same round: 67 million to 1 Source: Primary source is Golf Digest; more info on acer odds and holes-in-one can be found in the Sept. 2005 issue.

What are the odds of having back to back 2's on a golf course?

The odds of course depend on what par is for the hole, and the skill level of the golfer (pro or not). As an example, the odds of making a 2 on a par 5, which is called an "albatross" are estimated at 6,000,000 to 1 by Golf Digest, and a 1,000,000 to 1 for golf pros. Back to back 2's, on back to back par 5's, for a PGA pro would then be 1,000,000,000,000 to 1 and never been recorded (very few opportunities given course designs). Interestingly, several players, including John Daly, have recorded more than one albatross in their careers! Let's answer a perhaps more interesting question... The odds of making a hole in 1 for PGA tour players is 3,700 to one, so says Golf Digest, and the odds of an everyday golfer doing are 33,000 to one. Since golf holes are independent events, the odds of making two holes in one in a round are the same as two aces back to back. For a golf professional then the odds would 13,670,000 to 1, but the statistics show in fact that the odds are significantly better. Take a look at Golf Digests' Hole in One page for some great stats on aces. Of note is that Jack Nicklaus has done it 19 times, and that 5 people have done it back to back ! Another Answer: While the previous answer addresses holes-in-one and holes-in-two "on par 5s," the question, as asked, has to do with the odds of getting a score of "two" on back-to-back holes without specifying the par for the two holes. The odds of this happening are not so great as one might imagine. Consider a par three hole either preceded or followed by an easy par four hole. It is relatively easy for even an average golfer to hit a good shot and get a birdie (one under par) on a par three hole...yielding a score of two. It may be a bit more difficult, but it's certainly not all that uncommon for an average golfer to get an eagle (two under par), particularly on an easy par four...and this, too, would yield a score of two. Back-to-back twos while perhaps a bit unusual for an average golfer, are common everyday occurrences for professional golfers.

How many holes in one has tom Watson had?

The hole in one at the Open Golf was his 14th.

What does One under par in golf mean?

One under par for a hole is one shot less than par, say you make a 3 on a par 4, this is a birdie. One under for a round is where you had a round which was one shot less than par, say you shot 71 on a par 72.For holes played, or for that round, or for the tournament, the player has taken one less shot to play those holes than par.

Does a ball mark in golf need to be round?

It doesn't HAVE to be round no. But ideally you should just use a round one.

Can you play a different kind of golf balls on different holes in the same round?

Yes, in amateur golf there is nothing stopping you. The only thing you cannot do is change ball midway through a hole. On the professional tours there is a one ball rule.

What does a Nassau refer to in game of golf?

Nassau 3 matches in one round. A point is allotted for the results of the first 9 holes, and another for the second 9; and another for the overall 18.

What is the guiness book of world record for Most golf holes played in one day?

AS far as I know it is 407 holes

What is the most number of hole in ones in one round of golf?


How many golf balls in a pros bag for one round?


Why do golf courses have 18 holes?

In 1858, the Old Course at St. Andrews decreed that "one round of the Links or 18 holes is reckoned a match unless otherwise stipulated." The new rule encourages other clubs to convert to or build to 18 holes in length. Why St. Andrews members pick 18 holes is not known, but one local tale has it that it takes exactly 18 shots to polish off a fifth of Scotch. One shot per hole seems about right!

How many miles do you walk when you walk 3 holes of golf?

Less than one.

What is the worst round of golf for 18 holes?

There is no real answer, because no one really cares about bad scores, they only care about good scores. I would hazard a guess that it would be close to 200.

What is pace of play in golf?

Pace of play is how quickly a round of golf is played, usually by one player, or a group.