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There are plenty of left handed people, so if you are left handed you'll probably meet another left handed person at some point.

Approximately 10% of the population of the United States is left-handed. That means that of every encounter between two people, one in ten will include at least on left-handed person. To find out how many will be between two left-handed people, you multiply 10% by 10%, you get 1%, or one in 100, so the odds of a left-handed person meeting another left-handed person are 1 in 100.

Your question doesn't specify "meeting for the first time"; encountering someone you already know changes things a little, since left-handedness can run in families. Also, those odds don't include meetings with more than two people, or research into facts such as there being left-handed conventions, or left-handed Baseball pitchers tending to know one another. That's probably not a big deal, though, and there may be sports or occupations that favor right-handers, which balance things out.

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Q: What are the odds of a left-handed person meeting another left-handed person?
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