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Q: What are the odds of living pass 90?
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Best odds in a crap game?

According to most "experts" the best odds are the pass line bet and come bet, or don't pass and don't come bets.

What are odds of living to 100?

1 in 1,000,000

What are the odds of a marriage lasting 70 years?

90 out of 100

What are the odds to living to 100?

This really depends on how old you are right now. A study by the UK Department for Work and Pensions recently put the odds of a 20 year old in 2011 living to be 100 at 1 in 4.35. The odds of an 80 year old living to be 100 is about 1 in 13. The odds of a 50 year old living to be 100 is about 1 in 7. These are rough estimates, and they can depend a lot on health/family histories.

What were the odds of a Jew living during the Holocaust?

That depended on where the Jews were. About 90% of the Polish Jews were killed and an even higher percentage of Lithuanian Jews (95-96%). However, about 74% of French Jews survived.

What is the odds of a serial killer living by you?

If you had a serial killer living close by, you will never know it until you see it in the news. All of the serial killers which were interviewed said the same thing, however it is difficult to measure the odds.

What are some of the ways in which living is different from rural life in the pass?

living is different from rural life in the pass. i would say that in the pass living was a bit harder and a bit difficult

What is the percent of bills that dont pass?

90 %

What is the minimum pass mark for VAO examination for sc category?

90 mark is pass.

What are the best craps strategies?

The best bet in the game of craps, and in fact, the best bet in the whole casino as far as odds are concerned, is the free odds bet that can be taken behind the pass line or don't pass line. It's the only bet in the entire casino that pays correct odds.

How do you pass a lab test?

You get 90% of the questions right.

What are the odds of winning full house bingo 90 numberswith 300 people avg playing?

1 in 300!