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Q: What are the order of the indian place value chart?
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Is there a place value chart in Spanish?

Yes, there is place value chart in Spanish.

Where is the tenth's place on a place value chart?

The tenths place in the place value chart is in the second column.

Why is millions where it is on the place value chart?

because its the 7th place on the value chart to the left

What does a place value chart look like?

what does a place chart value look like

What period in the Indian place value chart has been divided into three places?

ones ,thousands, lakhs, crores

What is a place value chart?

A place value chart is used to help understand the value of each digit based on the place or position.

Indian place value chart?

The Indian place value chart is the place value system we use. Each column going left is ten (10) times bigger than the previous column; meaning that each column going right is ten (10) times smaller than the previous column. In this system, between the units (1s column) and the tenths (1/10s column) is the decimal point. For example, in the Indian place value chart they take a number like 253 and segment it. the 2 is placed in a column under the hundreds place, the 5 is placed in a column under the tens place, and the 3 is placed under the ones place.

How do you rename a number using a place value chart?

rename 4 hundreds, 16 tens, 5 ones on a place value chart

What is the definition of a place value chart?

is a chart used to determind the position and value of a digit in a group of numbers

How do you make a place value chart?


What is the fourth place from the right on the value chart?


What is the fifteenth place value in value chart?

i don't know! tell me please!