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Q: What are the other names of division?
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Seven other names for division?


What other names is division of a nucleus called other than mitosis or meiosis?

It is also known as karyokinesis(karyo=nucleus,kinesis=division).

What are other names for division?

Synonyms for division include separation, dividing, partition, segregation, bisection, partitioning, split, bifurcation, dissection and segmentation

What were the names of the divisions of hockey in the 70s?

There were only East and West Divisions until 1974. That year, with expansion and realignment, division names became as follows: Adams Division Norris Division Patrick Division Smythe Division

What are the names of the numbers in a division problem?

The divisor and the dividend

What names are in a division problem?

the divisor the divividen and the quoquent

What is a division answer called that starts with q?

The names of the factors in division are the dividend, divisor and the quotient. The answer is called the quotient.

What are the other two names given to highway signs?

Perhaps you inquire about the division of Advisory and Compulsory. A suggested speed for a curve, vs a Stop sign.

It is ethical for a e-business division to sell customers information?

No it's not ethical but they do it. They sell names/addresses/email information and other stuff to make money.

How do multiplication and division undo each other?

how does multiplication and division undo each other

What is the names of the numbers in a division problem?

example 32/4=8 32 is the dividend / is the division symbol 4 is the divisor 8 is the answer or the quotient

How many division 1 NCAA basketball teams are from Texas?

12 What are their names?