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Units of time - century, year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second.

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Q: What are the other units for time?
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What are the units measure of time?

The units used to measure time is second. Other units are hours, minutes.

Is 95 units 95 hours?

That depends on what you are talking about. If you are talking about units of time, then it could be hours, though it could be other units of time. You could also be talking about units of some other kind entirely, that have nothing to do with time.

What are three fundamental units?

Units of measurement that are considered fundamental, such that they cannot be described as a function of other units, are distance, time and mass. It can be seen that other measurements are derived from these fundamental units.

Why is unit of speed called derived unit?

Because it is derived from other units - usually units of length, and units of time.

What are units of acceleration?

Acceleration has units of speed / time. The standard SI-unit is meter/second/second, usually written as meter/second2. Other units of distance/time/time can also be used, but it is convenient (for equations) to use a set of consistent units.

Why are the units of mass length and time called fundamental units?

Because nearly every other unit can be derived from them. For example, velocity is length per time (or * time^-1), and volume is length cubed

What are the units for time?

The SI unit for time is the second. Other units include fractions of a second, such as millisecond or microsecond; as well as minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years.

How many hours is 150 miles?

If this is a speed problem, use the formula: distance = speed x time. Other than that, you can't convert from units of distance to units of time.

What is the difference between a fundamental unit and a derived unit?

In a system of unites such as the SI, some units are defined as base units. Other units are defined based on those other units - i.e., as combinations of several of the other units. For example, if a meter is a (base) unit of length and a second the(base) unit of time, a square meter is a (derived) unit of area, and is simply defined as a meter times a meter; while a meter/second is the (derived) unit for speed. In summary, derived units are combinations of base units (or other derived units); base units are not.

What are units of measurement that are obtained by combining other units?

The units that are Obtained by combining other units is called Derived Units.

Why are there so many units and time?

There is so many units and times because when we use time we can use units.

What are the Differences between timers and counters?

one measures time the other counts units

Why do you use universal time?

It, as with many other units of measure, is a standard to which everyone can agree.

What correctly describes derived units?

The idea is that such units are defined on the basis of other units - either base units, or other derived units, but ultimately all definitions go back to the base units.

Units of measurment that are obtained by combining other units?

Derived units

What are the units for the slope of a velocity-time graph?

The units are velocity / time, or acceleration. In SI units, that would be meters/second2.

How many square meter are in one meter?

You can't convert that. You can only convert units that measure the same type of thing - for example, units of length to units of length, units of mass to units of mass, units of time to units of time, etc.

Convert 7400 square meters in to running meters?

It doesn't make sense to convert that. You can only convert units of the same kind, e.g., units of length to units of length; units of area to units of area; units of time to units of time, etc.

How do you convert 10 minutes into inches?

incompatible units one is measure of time the other of length.

What are the units for seconds?

Seconds are the units. They are the unit of time

What unit do you use for acceleration?

The SI unit is meters/second2. You can alternately use any other units of (length) / (time) / (time).

What unit of measurement is used for acceleration?

In SI, acceleration is measured in meters / second2, or meters / second / second. In other units, units of the same dimension have to be used, i.e., [length] / [time] / [time]. For example, in the imperial units, feet per square second is quite common.

Units obtained by combining other units?


What is the unit that time is measured by?

In the International System of Units (SI Units), time is measured in seconds.

Differentiate derived units from supplementary units?

suplementary units are dimendionless and are not derived from other (base) units while derived units are derived from base units and they do have dimionsions.