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The patterns and properties to compute mentally 120 times 30 is the numbers 12 and 3 plus the two 0. Multiply 12 by 3 (36) and add the two 0 (3600).

2013-12-13 00:52:02
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Q: What are the patterns and properties to compute mentally for 120 times 30?
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Are numbers easy to compute mentally?

No, but if you practice you can learn to do it and it gets easier. Start of by learning (by rote) your times tables and when adding up do so in 10s.

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There is no such word since the ease of division depends on how well you know your times tables, how well you know your divisibility rules as well as how good you are at recognising patterns.

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add 5 every time

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What is the answer to evaluate the expression 0.1(3.7) mentally?

It means: 1/10 times 3.7 = 0.37

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What number are easy to compute mentally?

The answer depends on your learning and expertise. For example, I had to learn my times table up to 30 times 10 and so I can do those multiplications easily. Most students nowadays do not learn tables for large numbers. Also, I completed my basic studies before calculators and computers were in widespread use and so relied on manual calculations and that gave me lots of practice in arithmetic. So computations that I might consider trivially simple may look difficult to others.

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