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It is: 0.24 = 24%

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Q: What are the percent equivalents to the decimal 0.24?
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How do you change 2.4 percent to a decimal?


What is 2.4 percent as a decimal number?


What are the decimal and percent equivalents of?


What is the equivalents of 1.3 percent in decimals?

It is: 1.3% = 0.013 as a decimal

What are the decimal and fraction equivalents of 47 percent?

0.47 and 47/100

What are all the decimal and fraction and percent equivalents?

There are infinitely many of them. It is not possible to provide an answer.

What is decimal portion of 5.024?


What is the decimal and fraction equivalents of 540 percent?

540% = 5.40 or 27⁄5 = 52⁄5

What are the decimal equivalents to 0.300?

decimal equivalents to 0.300 = 0.3, 0.30

What are two decimal equivalents to 0.9?

0.90 and 0.900 are two decimal equivalents to 0.9.

How does the definition of percent helps you write fraction and decimal equivalents?

"Percent" means for every 100 37% = 37/100 = 0.37

What is the whole number portion for 5.024?

5 and the decimal portion is .024