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There should be no points after the decimal point.

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Q: What are the points after the decimal point called?
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What are decimal numbers with decimal points before and after the decimal point called?

There can be no number that has more than one decimal point.

Do you line up decimal points when multiplyig?

Unlike addition, there is no need to line up the decimal points. Just multiply ignoring the decimal points. When you are done, move the decimal point of the result to the left equal to the number of digits after the decimal point for both multiplicands.

What is pi to a million decimal points?

There is only one decimal point in Pi

How is a decimal points rounded to the nearest ten?

Any decimal less than one will round to zero.

What is the number to the left of a decimal point called?

The number to the left of a decimal point is the integer part or the whole-number part. The part of a decimal to the right of the decimal point is the fractional part. The decimal point is called the decimal separator.

What is 512.715 moved two decimal points?

The answer will depend on the direction in which the decimal point is moved!

What is 100grams in decimal point?

100 grams is 100 grams. It has nothing to do with decimal points.

Do roman numerals have decimal points?

Not in the way we that would use a decimal point today. But they did use points to signify fractions of 12.

What is the dot in a decimal called?

A decimal point.

Why is a decimal point called a decimal point?

Because it is a point that is used in the decimal system of counting. Decimal means based on ten.

How do you write a tenth of a point in decimal form?

0.1 points.

How do I place the decimal point in the product of two decimals?

If the two decimal numbers have x and y digits after the decimal points, then the product has (x + y) digits after the decimal point.