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the positive traits of teenager are : Honest,helpfull,loyal,good listner,kind,positive thinker and respectful

here are the negative traits of teenager : Rude,boastful,traitor,impatients,judgemental,pretender, and wat so all

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Negative and positive traits of teenager today?

The positive traits are that teenagers are taking more responsibilities. The negative traits are that there is a lot of peer comparison.

Positive and negative traits of an teenagers?

positive: nothing negative: they're evil

Negative and positive traits of filipino as an employee?

They are human, with all the positive and negative qualities that humans have.

What are positive and negative traits of an individual?

Positive and negative traits will vary based on the individual.Many traits exist, some positive ones include:CaringDevotedGenerousLoyalLovingRespectfulSincereMany traits exist, some negative ones include:SelfishDisrespectfulVainPessimisticRudeUnreliableNegative

What are some positive and negative traits of Filipinos?

Positive Traits:HospitableKindlovableDiplomaticHard-workingAmiablePracticalAmiableSociable

What is the positive and negative traits of the neighbor?

It varies by who your neighbor is. :)

What are Odysseus' positive and negative traits?

His positive traits are brave bold clever strong leader loyal perseverance his negative traits are overconfident cocky shrewd easily distracted impulsive arrogant insolent

What are some positive and negative traits of Filipino managers?

There are many positive traits of having a Filipino manager. One of these traits is bringing diversity into the work place.

Why is nelson Mandela seen as a positive role model?

Because his positive traits are emphasised by the media and his negative traits are largely ignored.

Pictures of some positive and negative traits of Filipinos?


What are Hercules positive and negative character traits?

Hot tub come in

Behavior traits of teenagers and classify them into negative or positive?

nothing at all

What is the difference between positive trait and negative trait?

A positive personality trait is a trait that is useful, liked, appreciated, and/or encouraged by others and sometimes even him or herself.However, a negative trait is a trait that is not liked and is a burden to said person and/or others.Basically, positive traits and negative traits are completely opposite in definition.For example:Vain = NegativeFriendly = Positive

If both parents of a child is posititive can the child be negative?

yes because you either get your parent's traits, the opposite traits, or a little of both but because both parents are positive the child could be positive OR negative

What are the behavioral of teenager?

what are the behavioral traits of teenager

Can O negative father and O positive mother produce an O positive child?

Yes, both O and rh negative traits are recessive. The father is recessive for both traits. The O negative mother however, can be either homozygous dominant (positive) for rh, producing a rh positive baby. If the mother was heterozygous, having an allele for both positive an negative rh antigen, has a 50-50 chance producing an O positive child.

Can O positive and an A positive make O negative baby?

A person with A positive blood may be a carrier for O negative blood. If the other parent is also a carrier of those traits, the baby could be O negative.

What are charachter traits?

Character traits are characteristics that define someone. For example, someone's character traits can be silly, weird or friendly. These can be either positive or negative.

Can a oh positive and a mother that is ab negative have a child that is negative?

If O and positive are both dominant traits than it is possible, but only approximately 25% likely to happen.

Does anyone know any positive and negative character traits that start with the letter z and that start with the letter k too?

Positive Z: zealous, zestful. Negative Z: ??? Positive K: Kind, keen Negative K: kooky(?)

Can 2 O negative parents have an A positive child?

No. O and Rh negative are both recessive traits--both alleles must be that trait before it expresses. The term for an A positive child from two O negative parents is "grounds for divorce."

How are genes related to natural selection?

Genes are the medium by which inherited traits are passed on to offspring. It is inherited traits, and thus genes, that receive positive or negative selection.

7 positive and negative characteristics of cultural traits of the Philippines?

7 positive traits 1. creativity 2. ability to survive 3. joy and humor 4. flexibility and adaptability 7 negative 1. colonial mentality 2.passive 3. sobrang makapamilya 4.

Elements of personality development?

Recognize traits of one's personality and develop the positive aspects. The negative aspects can be discouraged

What are some positive traits that begin with the letter E?

Efficient and energetic are positive traits. Other positive traits include eager, easygoing and expert.