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A posistive from this is that you are able to lose weight but a negetive is not being able to eat your favourite meats.

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Q: What are the positives or negatives of having a vegetarian diet?
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Can not having enough protein on a vegetarian diet lead to not having your period for multiple months?

It can! This is why you need to take protein juices and calcium in your vegetarian diet.

What are some positives and negatives of supplements in sport?

The positive of taking supplements in sports is that with consistent training, a proper diet and the right supplements you can see major improvements in you game. The negatives of supplements are not all of them are right for you personally and could cause side effects. And with out exercise and a proper diet your results may vary.

You are after opinions on the Liproxenol diet pills?

I am looking for positives and negatives…any info would be good. I bought one bottle of Liproxenol and lost 11 pounds

Are meat eaters just as healthy as vegetarians?

To a certain extent this depends on the diet of the individual in question. A healthy vegetarian diet including a wide variety of foods and minimal fatty products is definitely better for you than a regular meat-eating diet. On the other hand, if a meat-eater has a healthy diet then they are likely to be just as healthy as someone eating a regular vegetarian diet. However, in general vegetarians tend to be much more concerned with what they eat, which also contributes to a healthier diet. Meat-eating has been linked to several serious conditions including diabetes, kidney stones and strokes. Vegetarian diets have less cholesterol and contain vitamins C, B-17, hydroquionenes, beta carotene, NDGA. Soybeans (a staple vegetarian food) contain protease inhibitor, a powerful anticancer compound. People living on a vegetarian diet are more likely to suffer from deficiencies (eg iron-deficiency anemia), but the diet is fine if properly structured. There are positives and negatives to both diets but the average vegetarian diet is healthier than the average meat-inclusive diet.

What nutrients are in a lacto-vegetarian diet?

All the nutrients that you need can be found in a lacto-vegetarian diet. This means a vegetarian diet that includes dairy products.

What is an ovo vegetarian?

A vegetarian who includes eggs in his/her diet.

Is vegetarian diet a therapeutic diet?


What are vegetarian tablets?

vegetarian tablets are a tablet a vegetarian takes when on a diet. i think

What are the special features shown by a vegetarian diet?

A vegetarian diet is one in which a person does not eat meat.

What are the health and economic advantages and disadvantages of the vegetarian diet?

Many nutritionists believe that abstaining from red meat and having a vegetarian diet is better for one's health. In most cases, removing red meat from a person's diet is less expensive than a "regular" diet. The disadvantages of a vegetetarian diet are yet to be discoverd.

How is being a vegetarian good for you?

Vegetarian diet is believed to be the healthiest.

What is a vegetarian whose diet includes dairy?

Lacto vegetarian

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