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Q: What are the possible dimensions of a box with a volume of 200?
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How many dimensions define a volume?

For a box, the dimensions the define a volume would be:Height, Width, and DepthFor a cylinder, the dimensions that define a volume would be:Height and Diameter

What is a volume of a shoe box?

That depends on the dimensions of the shoe box, now doesn't it? It's the product of the three dimensions.

A box has the dimensions 20 cm by 10 cm what is its volume?

Your dimensions are for a square. You need one more dimension for a box.

What are the dimensions of a 1.2 cubic foot box in inches?

You can't tell the dimensions from the volume. There are an infinite number of different sets of dimensions that all have the same volume.

Find the dimensions of a box that will hold as many cubes as a box that is 3x4x10?

As long as the cubes are 1x1x1 then any box with an equivalent volume would hold the same number of cubes. The volume of the 3x4x10 box is 120. So a box with the dimensions 1x1x120 would work just as well as a box with the dimensions 12x10x1 or 2x5x12.

Dimensions of a kleenex box?

The dimensions of a Kleenex box are length, width and height. The volume of the box is equivalent to length times width times height.

How do you calculate the volume of a block?

Block being a box: Height * Length * Depth = Volume Giving the three dimensions available.

How do you get the dimension of the box when it is given the length and the volume of the box?

You do not have enough information to calculate all three box dimensions.

Find the volume of a box of cereal that is 2 inches by 11 inches?

Three dimensions are required for volume

how to figure out the volume of a box Want to know how much liquid fits into it?

The answer depends on the shape and dimensions of the box!

What information can I know by identifying the volume of a box?

You'll need to know its length, width and height then by multiplying the 3 dimensions the volume of the box can be found.

What is the dimensions of a rectangular box with the volume of 81ft?

No box can have a volume of 81 ft because volume cannot be measured in feet.A box with a volume of 81 CUBIC feet could be 1 ft * 1.5 ft * 54 feet.