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Using the discriminant formula for a quadratic equation k has a value of 8/25 or maybe 0.

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Q: What are the possible values of k in the quadratic equation x squared plus 5kx plus 2k equals 0 which has equal real roots?
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Does the equation a squared plus b squared equals c squared classify as a quadratic equation?


What is X squared equals 3X?

It is a quadratic equation in X.

Is -2x squared plus 2x plus 1 equals 9 a quadratic equation?

Yes it is. The thing that makes it a quadratic equation is that "x squared" in there.

What is x squared equals 200?

It is a quadratic equation in the one variable.

Is x squared plus 7x-30 equals 0 a linear equation?

No, It's a a quadratic equation because you have X squared.

How many solutions will the equation 25 equals 2x squared 6x have?

The quadratic equation will have two solutions.

What is -2x squared plus 3x plus 5 equals 0?

It is a quadratic equation.

Is 4y squared plus 9 equals - 4 a linear equation?

No. It's a quadratic equation, and it has two solutions.

How do you check whether the equation 7x2x is quadratic?

If it doesn't have an equal sign, then it's an expression, not an equation. The expression 7x2x is quadratic, because it equals 14x², and something is quadratic if it contains the squared exponent ².

What is 5x squared plus 3x plus 8 equals 0?

It is a quadratic equation in the variable x.

Is 3x plus 27 equals 8 a quadratic function?

No it is a linear one. X^2 = quadratic, x = linear. So if the equation doesn't have an x squared, then it is not quadratic.

Is y equals 4x a quadratic equation?

No. [ y = 4x2 ] is a quadratic equation.

What is the difference between quadratic equation and quadratic expression?

an equation has an equals sign.

What is X squared plus X minus 12 equals 0?

It is a quadratic equation in X, with two real roots.

What is 3x squared plus 2x minus 8 equals 0?

3x2 + 2x - 8 = 0 is a quadratic equation.

What are the solutions for X squared minus 5x equals 6?

The solutions to the quadratic equation are: x = -1 and x = 6

What are the roots of the quadratic equation x squared minus 3x plus 2 equals 0?

Use the quadratic formula, with a = 1, b = -3, c = 2.

Find the possible value of z in the quadratic equation z squared -4z plus 4 equals 0?

z = 2 Factorised as (z - 2)(z - 2) = 0

How do you solve this equation to the nearest hundredth x squared -7x -12 equals 0?

Using the quadratic equation formula: x = 8.42 or x = -1.42

How do you solve x squared minus ten x plus six equals zero?

It can be solved by using the quadratic equation formula.

What is x squared plus 5x minus 36 equals 0?

It is a quadratic equation and its solutions are: x = 4 or x = -9

Why does y equals 0 when solving a quadratic equation?

Because when your solving a quadratic equation your looking for x-intercepts which is where why equals 0 and x equals what ever the answer is.

How do you solve S squared plus 4s minus 21 equals to 0?

s^2 +4x -21 = 0 is a quadratic equation and by using the quadratic equation formula its solutions are s = 3 or s = -7

Determine the coordinates of the x-intercepts for the quadratic equation 5x squared minus 21x plus 4 equals 0?

type you answer here!

What is x squared minus 2x plus 5 equals 0?

It is a quadratic equation with one unknown variable, x which has no real roots.