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Tell you what: I'll describe the practical use, and then you can find the example. OK ?

The practical use of scientific notation is to greatly simplify the writing, reporting,

and remembering of very large and very small numbers.

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Q: What are the practical uses of scientific notation Why is scientific notation so important in modern-day society Give at least one example?
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What are the practical uses of scientific notation?

The practical uses of scientific notation are to compute very large or very small numbers.

How do you use scientific notation for 10.03?

Scientific notation takes one digit before the decimal point and uses multiples of 10 to represent the rest of the digits. In this case, scientific notation is not really practical. The answer is 1.003 x 101

What is the importance of scientific notation?

it is important to us to use scientific notation because if we use it we can read the numbers easily. Scientific notation is important because it make writing numbers easier. For example, you are contestant in a quiz bee and the examiner says,134000000000000x500000000000 or something like that you will lost time writing zeroes and you will also confused about it instead we can just write it in a scientific notation.

If the scientific notation stops at centillion why don't the numbers stop too?

Scientific notation allows for representing extremely large or small numbers using a simpler format. The system itself does not set a limit on the numbers that can be written in scientific notation. However, beyond a certain point, numbers become so large that they are not practical or meaningful in most scientific or everyday contexts, which is why the representation is typically stopped at centillion.

When subtracting numbers in scientific notation what you do with exponents?

yes its really important

Why do you use scientific notation in astronomy?

It makes it practical to write the numbers involved on a reasonable sized sheet of paper in a reasonable time.

How do you convert 0.000089 into scientific notation?

It is 8.9*10^-5 in scientific notation

What is scientific notation in parentheses?

It is "(scientific notation)".

Why is the use of scientific notation important in chemistry?

it is a way of writing numbers large or small and it is important in math

What is the scientific notation for 89.450?

The scientific notation for 89,450 is: 8.945 × 104

What is 27 in scientific notation?

It is: 2.7*10^0 in scientific notation

What is 0.000098 in scientific notation?

This number in scientific notation is 9.8x10-5.