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You could add the prefix re- and the suffix -ing to make the word renumbering.

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Q: What are the prefixs and suffixs for the word number?
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What is the name of a therteen sided figure?

A thirteen sided figure (if you are referring to a polygon) is called a tridecagon or 13-gon. Most people however call polygons after 12 sides as n-gons, where n is the number of sides of the polygon but all polygons have their counterpart names that consist of numerical prefixs and suffixs.

What is a sentence using the word apposition?

prefixs is an apposition

What is 3 suffix words with the suffixs es ing and ed?

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What is a prefixs?

A prefix is the beginning of a word. Prefixes often have meanings from the Latin or Greek language.

What is the meaning of the prefixs im?

The prefix im- means not. A common word for this prefix is impossible.

What is the suffixs of fair?


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Legal illegal

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Words with suffixs -ed and -ing?


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What does deca mean in prefixs?

Ten (10)

The prefixs milli stands for what?

it means 1000

What are some words that start with suffixs 'ject'?

Suffix is an ending not a beginning

Is frequently a suffix or prefixs?

The -ly in frequently is a suffix.

What was the year of manufacture for marlin model 36 RC serial number g22y8?

Marlin year of manufacture maybe determined from the following table of letter/numeral prefixs to the serial number: In this case, "G" means 1950.

Is biography a suffixs or prefix?

Most of the time this is not a prefix of a suffix. Biography is a root word, in fact. prefixes can be added to it such as the word auto-biography. suffixes can also be added such as biograph-ical. So mostly the word biography is a root.

What are prefixs?

Prefixes are additions to the beginning of words that influence the meaning of that word. For example, in the word "imperfect," "im" is the prefix that is added to the root word, "perfect." In this instance, "im" has a negative meaning, changing the meaning of the word "perfect" from its definition meaning "without flaw" to the word "imperfect," meaning, essentially "not without flaw."

How to find roots prefixes and suffixes?

There is always a base word to a word with prefixes or suffixs, for example in the word pre game, game is the base word, and pre is the prefix. Prefixes are always at the begging of a base word and suffixes are always at the end of a word. In the word treated, Ed isn't a word by itself, however treated is a word by itself, therefor treat is the base word, and ed is at the end so it is a suffix. I hope this helps :)

Examples of suffixs?

-ing -tion -er -ish