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prime numbers are numbers that their only factors are 1 and itself.

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Q: What are the prim numbers?
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Related questions

What are prim and composite numbers?

a prim number is a number that only one and its self can go it to it ....... And a composite number is when other numbers can go in to it

What numbers do not have four and fife as a factor?

prim numbers

Can to numbers have the same prim factorization?


What is the prim numbers of 740?

The prime numbers are: 2*2*5*37 = 740

What are all the prim numbers up to fifty?

The prime numbers up to 50 are: 2,3,5,7,11,13,17,23,29,31,37,41,43,47.

Are there any other even prim numbers besides 2?


What are the prim numbers greater then 10 that are multiplied by 2?

There are none.

What are the prim factorization numbers for 327?

327 = 3 × 109

What is the product of the prim numbers between 80 and 90?


What are the prim numbers in 64?

2 is the only prime factor of 64.

What prim numbers make up 6?

2 x 3

Will either kruskal or prim's algorithm work on negative edge graph?

The correctness of either Prim's or Kruskal's algorithm, is not affected by negative edges in the graph. They both work fine with negative edges. The question boils down to "Does a Priority Queue of numbers work with negative numbers?" because of the fact that both Prim's and Kruskal's algorithm use a priority queue. Of course -- as negative numbers are simply numbers smaller than 0. The "<" sign will still work with negative numbers.

What numbers are prim to 435?

3 x 5 x 29 = 435

What are two prim numbers that go into 100?

100 = 2*2 * 5*5

What are the next two prim number after 30 and 40?

Well, first of all, 30 and 40 are not prim numbers. Here is a list of prim numbers in that general neighborhood. There are others before and after these, but the answer to your question is most likely here in this list: . . . 19 . . 23 . . 29 . . 31 . . 37 . . 41 . . 43 . . 47 . . 53 . . 59 . . 61 . . .

What are the two prim numbers between 110 and 120?

The only prime number in that range is 113.

What numbers are neither prim or composite?

the only number that is neither prime nor composite is 1.

How many prim numbers betueen 10 and 30?

11 13 17 19 23 29

How many factors does a prim number have?

A prime number is a natural number with only two numbers: itself and 1.

Prim and .?

Prim and Proper,

What page in Mockingjay does Prim die?

Prim dies on page 406

How do you say prim numbers in spanish?

NÚMEROS PRIMOS, es así como se dice en castellano "prime numbers".

What chapter does Prim die in Mockingay?

Prim dies in chapter 25.

What is prim skill in the Hunger Games?

prim is not in it

How can you tell from the prim factorizations whether the least common multiple of two numbers is a product of two numbers or is less than the product of two numbers?

If there are no prime factors in common, the LCM will be the product of the two numbers. If common factors exist, the LCM will be less. It will never be more.