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Quadrant 3 Quadrant 4 Quadrant 2 Quadrant 1

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Q: What are the regions on the coordinate plane called?
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Four regions of a coordinate plane?


What are quardrants?

it is the four regions in which the two perpendicular lines of a coordinate system separate the plane are called integers

Why is the coordinate plane called the Cartesian plane?

The coordinate plane is sometimes call the Cartesian plane because Rene Descartes is often credited with inventing the coordinate plane and so the coordinate plane is sometimes called the Cartesian plane,in his honor.

The four regions into which the coordinate plane is divided?

Are the four quadrants.

What is a coordinate plane?

a plane that is divided into four regions by a horizontal line called the x-axis and a vertical line called the y-axis This is what it looks like by the way:

Why is the coordinate plane is sometimes called the cartesian plane?

A coordinate plane is sometimes called Cartesian plane in honor of René Descartes. YOU ARE AN IDIOT

The center of a coordinate plane?

The centre of a coordinate plane is the point (0,0), also called the origin.

What is a pair of numbers used to locate a point in the coordinate plane?

Ordered pairThe coordinates! Guess how come the plane got to be called the coordinate plane!

What is one of the four regions into whick the axes divide a coordinate plane?


The horizontal or vertical number line on the coordinate plane?

The horizontal number line on a coordinate plane is called the x-axis, and the vertical number line on a coordinate plane is called the y-axis.

What is the coordinate plane called?

It is called the Cartesian plane, after Rene Descartes who invented it.

What is the middle or zero of a coordinate plane?

the very center of a coordinate plane is called the origin or (0,0) :D

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