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Lol luke owns

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Q: What are the regulations of 100 meters sprint?
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How are sprint hurdles different for men as compered to woman?

Womans sprint hurdles are 100 meters while men's are 110

Track and field sprint medley?

Distance and displacement are the same in the 100-m sprint. Velocity and speed are the same in the 100-m sprint. Distance is 400 meters in the 400-m sprint. Displacement is zero in the 400-m sprint. Velocity is zero in the 400-m sprint edge 2021

Who won the mens 100 meters sprint at the 2012 olympic games?

Usain Bolt

How many types of athletics?

running,javelin,shot put,100 meters sprint

How many calories would you lose if yousprint 100 meters?

you would lose 300 calories in a 100 metre sprint

Who won the 100 meters sprint event in the recently world athletics 2011?

Cannon Mcnamara

What is a good time for under 15 girls 100 meters sprint?

11.8 - 12.4 seconds

Which athlete won the 100 meters sprint for men at the 2008 Olympic Games?

Usain Bolt

Which man broke the 100 meters sprint record on September 7th 2007?

Asafa Powell

100 meters sprint game?

There are no short cuts in track & field.

Iy you ran a 100yard sprint in 10.1 seconds what would it be in 100 meters?

11.05 seconds

What the regulations of the 100m sprint?

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