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In general the numeric part should be between 1 and (almost but not quite) 10.

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Q: What are the rules in expressing number in scientific notation?
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How do you convert number in scientific notation to standard form rules?

Do nothing! Standard form and scientific notation are the same.

What are the rules when expressing a long mathematical expression to scientific notation form?

Scientific notation is of little use for long mathematical expressions. It is used to express very large or very small numbers - not expressions.

What are the rules in writing scientific notation?

Scientific Notation, Standard Form and Exponential Notation are used in different countries but all have the same meaning. It is a way of expressing a number as a value between 1 and 10 multiplied by a power of 10. 5.63 x 10² is the standard form number of 563. 8.6927 x 10^4 is the standard form number of 86927.

What are the rules writing of scientific notation?

In scientific notation all numbers are written in the form: a*10b where a is a decimal number such that 1 ≤ a < 10 and b is an integer.

What are the rules in writing in scientific notation?

there are many rules in writing A scientific notation but i don't remember it all im not the one who invented it you know

What is the scientific notation plus and - rules?

20,000 + 3,400,000

Give the rules in writing scientific notation of numbers?

In scientific notation the answer would be 1.8 multiplied by 109 Hope this helped(:

Rules in converting ordinary number to scientific notation?

this site is not realy good. so just never for this site.

What rules do we use to convert standard to scientific notation?

Standard notation (in the UK) is the same as scientific notation. So the one rule to use is DO NOTHING!

Rules in converting scientific notation to decimal notation?

to convert scientific notation to decimal you count the number of spaces up to the last digit then put the decimal point then put x10 to the power of if how many places you move the decimal point.................................

Rules of scientific notation?

pakita muna ng pekpek mo?

What are the rules followed in determining scientific notation?

That there be only one digit to the left of the decimal point. (and that the exponent is always a whole number).

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