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Q: What are the set of notations and descriptions?
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What are the two kinds of set notations?

finite and infinite sets

How do you divide and multiply notations?

You do not divide or multiply notations: you perform those operations on numbers which are expressed in different notations. How you do that depends on which notation you are concerned with.

What does HTA status on a court case mean?

When referring to notations made on court case jackets there is no established set of abbreviations and notations to which to refer. It may mean different things in different jurisdictions. If you have a need to know, contact the office of the Clerk Of Court and simply ask them.

What is the definition and notation for an empty set?

In my class we have notations that means if we have three we get a note four we get a short from.example HW meaning homework missing

How do i List the following elements in proper set notation. Place the elements in numerical order within the set. 0 1 123 4 34?

how do i list 0,1,123,4,34 i proper set notations? and then place the elements in numerical order.

Describe the various notations used to define the effiency of An algorithm?

notations used to define the efficiency of An algorithm

What city is The Outsider set in?

It was set in the 1970's.

What are legal notations?

A notation is a note of something. So it would be safe to assume that legal notations are only legal notes.

Who to say notations in spanish?


Chips on scientific notations about energy?


You don't understand exponential notations i don't understand exponential notations?

well the thing about exponential notations is that you have to # take notes # pay CLOSE attention # study(practiice) # ask questions if you dont understand # stay after school and get help # get a tutor

How did Maria Montessori set the stage for the researcher Noam Chomsky's work?

By her careful observation of infant development and notations of seemingly universal stages in the acquisition of different types of knowledge, I imagine she set the stage for his idea of Universal Grammar.