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A rectangular prism has 6 faces.

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Q: What are the shapes of faces on a rectangular prism?
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What are shapes of the faces of a trianggular prism?

In a triangular prism, there are 2 triangular faces and 3 rectangular faces.

What are the shapes of the faces of the faces of a triangular prism?

A triangular prism has three rectangular faces and two triangular faces.

What is the number of shapes of faces for a rectangular prism?


What is a 3d shape that has rectangular faces?

A rectangular prism is the only shape that is made up from only rectangular faces. But there are countless shapes which contain rectangular faces along with other shapes.

What are the shapes on a triangular prism?

3 rectangular faces and 2 triangular faces

What are the shapes of each of the faces of rectangular prism?

They are all rectangles.

Which 3D shapes has five faces?

Triangular prism is one and another one is the rectangular prism

How many faces does a rectangular prisim have?

A rectangular prism has 6 faces because it has 3 pairs of parallel and equal-sized rectangular shapes.

How many faces does a prism have and what shapes are the faces?

A prism has two polygonal faces at each end and these may have any number of sides, n. The prism also has n rectangular faces.

What shapes are all of the faces in a rectangular prism?

4 rectangles and 2 squares.

How many shapes of faces of a rectangular prism have?

2 shapes, a triangle, and a rectangle.since it is a prism, it is like a pyramid, 4 of the faces are triangles,but the base is a rectangle, hence the name rectangularprismtherefore, 2 shapes

How many faces does a rectangular have?

A rectangle has 4 faces: 2 long faces and 2 short faces.