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A decimal number, multiplied by 100, is its percentage.

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Q: What are the similarities of a decimal and a percentage?
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What are the similarities and differences of percentages and decimals?

Every percentage is just 100 times a decimal.

What is 12 as a decimal and a percentage?

As a decimal . . . 12.000 As a percentage . . . 1,200%

What is the percentage for the decimal 0.8717948?

percentage for the decimal 0.8717948 = 87.17948%

How do you change from decimal into percentage?

From decimal to percentage multiply by 100.

Is a decimal or percentage greater?

The decimal and its equivalent percentage have the same value!

What is 03 as a decimal and percentage?

a decimal

How do you change a decimal to percentage?

To go to a decimal from a percentage, divide the percentage value by 100.

What is 38 as a decimal and a percentage?

38, as a decimal is simply 38. As a percentage it is 3800%.

What is the decimal and percentage of 11 over 20?

Decimal: 0.55 percentage: 55%

What is 0.35 equal to in a decimal percentage?

0.35 equal to in a decimal percentage is 35%.

How do you write a decimal percentage as a decimal?

Move the decimal point two places to the left and get rid of the percentage sign.

How much is one fifth worth as a decimal and percentage?

as a decimal 0.2 as a percentage 20%