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In the 2008-2009 Bulletin fo San Francisco State University it states that "Most students change their major at least once while attending college." Can anyone provide more specifics?

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Q: What are the statistics of college students changing majors?
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What are some college majors?

Every college has different majors, and all should have a list of the majors they have available on their websites. Here are some common majors: Art History Math Economics Communications Pre-med Pre-law Dance Theater English Biology Chemistry Physics Computer Science Engineering

In a certain college 33 of the physics majors belong to ethnic minorities Find the probability from a random sample of 10 students who are physics majors-Exactly 2 belong to ethnic minorities?

Don't we need to know how many physics majors there are in the college? Also, if you're trying to make a point about affirmative action, please note that the lines are drawn around "underrepresented minorities," not "ethnic minorities." For example, most classified as "Asian-Pacific Americans" would not directly benefit from AA.

What percentage of college freshman take calculus?

The majors that require calculus are all mathematics, science, and engineering majors. These include (but are not limited to) mathematics, mathematics education, science education, biology, chemistry, physics, civil engineering, chemical engineering, biological engineering, electrical engineering, biochemistry, pharmeceuticals, and computer science. So about 99% of students in those majors and related majors will take calculus their freshman year (typically the second semester). I say 99% because calculus is a prerequisite for all other courses in those majors (so it must be taken very early), but there is a very small possibility (I'd say 1% chance) that students can take calculus their sophomore year instead.

Do all require college majors require math?

Don't know but they all require basic language and proof reading skills

What types of math majors are there?

This all depends on the colleges that offer these majors. Some types of math majors I know are:Applied Math - take math courses that have some applications to real life.Pure Math Majors - take math courses, in which the content doesn't rely a lot of on the application of math. Instead, students study the aspects of how math is created.(In some universities) Education Math Majors - usually take some math courses and some physics and computer science courses. They need to take some education courses, based on their goals.

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What percent of college students are philosophy majors?

It varies very much from college to college. It probably ranges from 1-3% at most schools.

Why should I take a college statistics class?

College Statistics is important for several majors, including economics, business, accounting, and mathematics. Retaining this knowledge will help you in the business world and give you an advantage over those who either did not take Statistics, or did not retain the knowledge from their Statistics classes.

How many students go to Canisius College?

Canisius College is located in Buffalo, New York and presently 5, 152 students attend this college. Canisius College offers more than 125 majors, minors and special programs.

What position should a beginning students of psychology take with regard with ESP?

You could start by trying to read your professor's mind, and then changing majors.

Do college have majors for communication?

Yes, there are communication majors.

List of college majors?

Criminal justice, nursing, and engineering are common college majors. Also, psychology, sociology, arts, and dance are other common college majors.

How many times does a college student switch majors before graduation?

Some studies suggest that the average college student changes majors at least two times in their college career. This is talking just about averages, however, and every school and every student is individual about switching, and how they allow students to switch.

Where can College students find car loans?

College students can find car loans at one of their local financial institutions, or from a few places online. For instance, Automotive, Business Majors, and Cars Direct are some good places to check out.

Does Annapolis Naval Academy offer a college degree?

Yes, the Naval Academy offers students a Bachelor's of Science in many different majors.

Why do college students change their majors?

Some students arrive at college already knowing what their major will be, and do not change it throughout the course of their collegiate career. Others may start out with one major, only to change course later. The number of times depends solely on the student.

Where can one find statistics on psychology majors?

There are several websites online that provide information and statistics about psychology majors. Some of these sites include Psychology Today and the American Psychology Association.

What percentage of students are undecided majors?