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Q: What are the statistics of leaporacy?
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What are the main branches of statistics?

The two main branches of statistics is Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.

Types of statistics?

There are two types of statistics. One is called descriptive statistics and the other is inferential statistics. Descriptive statistics is when you use numbers. Inferential statistics is when you draw conclusions or make predictions.

What is the definition for Psychological Statistics?

Psychological statistics is the application of statistics to psychology.

Distinguish between statistics plural and statistics singular?

The statistics (pl.) indicate that statistics (sing.) is a pseudo-science.

What is differential statistics?

Differential statistics are statistics that use calculus. Normally statistics would use algebra but differential statistics uses calculus instead of algebra.

What are different fields of statistics?

The two main forms of statistics are qualitative (descriptive) statistics and quantitative (inferential or inductive) statistics.

What is the statistics plural?

Distinguish b/w statistics plural & statistics singular.

What is the origin of statistics?

origin of statistics

What is the Singular form of statistics?


Father of statistics?

father of statistics

Is statistics an adjective?

No, 'statistics' is a noun.

What has the author Lincoln L Chao written?

Lincoln L. Chao has written: 'Statistics; an intuitive approach' -- subject(s): Mathematical statistics, Probabilities 'Statistics' -- subject(s): Mathematical statistics, Statistics 'Study guide for Statistics for management' 'Solutions manual to accompany Statistics'